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Wheaton, Illinois 60187

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Meet our team

Shirley Vida | Jill Castline DDS Ltd

Shirley Vida


The receptionist who tirelessly works to help make your dental appointments convenient for your schedule, as well as help you remember them. She is steadfast in making your dental insurance benefits work for you.

Francine Cooper | Jill Castline DDS Ltd

Francine Cooper


The most amazing and caring dental hygienist I've ever worked with! Francine will care for your teeth almost more than you do. She will educate and guide you to the healthiest of you!

Kris Bach | Jill Castline DDS Ltd

Kris Bach


A dental assistant with a love and dedication for all of the patients that have ever been treated in this office. We work great together and hope to bring a light, relaxing and humorous experience to you while having dentistry performed.